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The schedule for teaching piano is also open to more students 

- Beginners or Professionals.


Blues-Classical-Church-jazz-Theory-New Orleans Style



OR Home Visits.

Adults, Young Kids & Professionals

Lessons are accommodating to the student, -- To YOUR Schedule & Goals. ----(Experienced And Pleasant Here)


For information and booking of private parties in the U.S.

call 718-986-5711




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Hello, I'm Willie Davis, a New Orleans piano player.  Welcome to my website.

Born in 1959, I began my piano lessons in the 6th grade, leaving school early to make my 2:30 lesson with Mrs. Spurlin, the wife of the Baptist preacher.  While encouraging me to play popular tunes - and with a patient approach, she lit a fire ..... in my desire ..... to boogie.  

Fortunately, my parents purchased a piano much earlier.  I was 6 years old in a southern farm family isolated from town.  I had plenty of time to explore the piano without distraction.   

I started a professional music career in the early 90's.  In 2001 I moved from New Orleans to New York City and played there for over a decade.  One can hardly walk 5 blocks in Manhattan without passing a venue I've played.  

While New York City was a tremendous and exciting experience I am elated to have returned to New Orleans, (as always planned).  If you see a constant, somewhat goofy smile, it's because I'm fo real happy to be back.  Thanks to ya'll for the warm welcome back.

There's a million things to do having just returned.  Please check back from time to time to see where I'm playing, and other activities.  Besides music info, shows and stuff, we're planning a page fo helpin' others.  We gonna work together and increase our philanthropy.  The Love Coalition is on the way.


Also…….enjoy the music.