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August 26 2013 Finally, after all this time, I saw a Chris Owens show.

A year and a half ago I returned to New Orleans and met one of my first new batches of eccentric friends while strolling around in the quarter.  It was Shirley, or as she's known, 'The Lady in Red'.  I would see her from time to time and one day in February of 2012, she asked me to her birthday party at the Quarter House on Charters St.  We've not seen each other in a while but she called to say her boyfriend Troy was playing at Chris Owens Club on St Louis & Bourbon and was celebrating his birthday, and Chris Owens would be doing her show after their set.

I found a parking spot one block away that would fit my short jeep and walked in the club around 8:30.  My date for the night flaked out and my regular hangin' buds were busy or tired from work so I went alone.  The first thing on my mind was to have some bottled happiness in the form of a screwdriver.  I ordered a tall double and it was $16.  Ok fine, it's a party and there is live music.  Just not the prices I'm used to.  The same prices were at the House of Blues for a show I saw with a friend last week.  

Shirley took me over to the crowd of people and I saw Robert Celerier, a sax player that played with me at Shirley's birthday party 18 months ago.  Troy's band played familiar songs I've done such as "I'm Walkin," Hallelujah I Just Love Her So," "Ain't No Sunshine," "Hoochie Coochie Man", some other blues and "Shake Rattle & Roll".  Normal fare for Bourbon Street.  And I recognized the drummer as Pierre whom I've had some practice sessions before.

Around 9:30 Chris Owens band began warming up the audience.  The lead singer was great.  He was accompanied by a dancer / sidekick doing a New Orleans type shuffle and they had a 3 man band with the bass player also playing trumpet and keyboards.  They were entertaining enough especially since I had ordered my second tall double screwdriver.  They sang "The Thrill is Gone", "Groove Me Baby", "What's Going On" ( the Marvin Gaye hit), the blues song "Sell my Monkey", "Down Home Blues" and then to my disappointment, "The Thrill is Gone", which we had all heard Troy's band play less than 30 minutes before.  And finally, " New Orleans" (with an imitation Louis Armstrong voice). 

Then with the band playing the a Blues Brothers song "I Can't Turn You Loose", Chris Owens came on stage.  The audience can't help but be excited by this icon of New Orleans.  I was 20 feet away and smiling big I'm sure.  If you're not from New Orleans you may not be familiar with the fact that she has been performing for years and is revered because of her advanced age yet entertaining longevity -- all with the appearance of a body of someone in their twenties or thirty's.

I have been wanting to see her show since for decades and here I was.  

After singing the Blues Brothers cover, all with fast moving high energy dance moves, she sang "Let the Good Times Roll" quite apropos with the lyrics "…..don't matter if you're young or old everybody get together and let the good times roll".  Love that song.

Next was another Blues Brothers song "Gimme Some Lovin" followed by "Blues in the Night".  The band then played an instrumental version of "Don't you feel my leg" which was a lead in to "Jump Jive & Wail" in which the two male dancers put on red velvet pimp hats.  

Next the dancers and Chris  put on their cowboy hats for a country tune or two -- "Boot Scootin' Boogie" & "Cotton Eyed Joe".  After these songs they played a ballad but firs got audience members on stage for some slow dancing.  The one female dancer came to the audience and said Chris wanted her to pick me to dance with.

I was reluctant but thought to myself -- "Why not".  After dancing the slow number with Ernestine, I returned to my table and then took a trip to the bathroom.  

Now in the meantime during the show, the waiter had been coming back to ask me if I needed a drink about 3 times.  Each time I said no, cause my drink was half full.  After my trip to the restroom, I sat down and the waiter asked a 4th time if I needed anything to drink.  I said no before realizing that he had taken my drink away.  It was still 1/4 full which at their prices came to $4 worth left in it.  It was obvious that I had not left the club.  I had left my cigarettes and lighter on the table. It was very tacky and annoying and put a bad taste in my mouth.   I stood up and left.  

The staff is gross, but Chris Owens is still a wonder.

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